Code CadetsWrapped 2023

Everyone's welcome!

It's 2023, all wrapped up.

From robo-sumo and classic arcade games to race cars, come try out the projects we've built this year.

Join us as we fill the Snow Centre with activities and games created by Year 7 to 12 students in Code Cadets this year.

Join in on the action for your chance to win prizes, with plenty of free food to go around.

Thursday Week 6, 16 November • The Snow Centre
4:30pm — 7:00pm

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Food & Drinks

Year 7

How good are your robo-soccer skills?

This year, Year 7 Code Cadets have explored the foundations of programming, creating a series of projects using the BBC micro:bit.

Try your hand at projects including robots that play soccer, micro:bit mini sumo, classic arcade games and even Bop-It.
Come test your reaction times and show off your robo-soccer skills!

Year 8

Leap up the leaderboard!

The Year 8 Code Cadets have been hard at work building their own projects with the the Raspberry Pi Pico.

See if you can beat our high scores in Year 8 projects including games of Snake and Frogger, or express your inner artist with the Year 8 Etch-a-Sketch.


Do you have what it takes to race around a track or crack the scavenger hunt code?

Code Cadets Extension places an emphasis on facilitating the exploration of industry-relevant and emerging trends across the technology landscape.

From a tour of CDC Data Centres Canberra facilities by the company's CEO, to a hands-on look at the projects being worked on by the brightest minds at the Australian Cyber Security Centre, Code Cadets Extension has been out and about this year, getting exclusive access to some of the most advanced companies in tech.

Students in Years 9 and up have been building projects involving remote controlled semi-autonomous cars and all manner of other hardware and software. Come and set a lap time around our racer circuit!

Extension students have also put together some challenges and puzzles for Code Cadets Wrapped. Do you have what it takes to crack the scavenger hunt code?


Our production crew is in it too!

We've been busy making your favourite events come to life this year and have been learning the intricacies of live productions along the way.

We'll have some demos and challenges to test your speed and care. Will you make the connection?

Food & Drink

Code Cadets Wrapped is catered!

Enjoy free hot food and drinks available throughout the event.
Registration is essential to access catering.

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