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Code Cadets
Wrapped 2023

Experience the year's most exciting projects.

Come get hands on with what students in Years 7 to 12 have created in Code Cadets this year.

Get your free tickets now to the Code Cadets' end of year event happening Thursday Week 6, November 16.

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Our Programmes

 Year 7

Ready to build your very own robots to do battle in robo-sumo, play soccer, and race around the classrooms?

Introducing the revamped Year 7 Micro:bit course! We'll be giving you your very own programmable computer covered in lights, sensors, motors and more, which you will learn to use in this course.

This course is built around a series of fun challenges, projects and games which are designed to teach the fundamental principles and algorithmic thinking that controls robots, runs software and makes computers work.

Whether or not you've heard of the Micro:bit before, this course is for you! Never touched code before? Great! This course is designed for you. The tutor team has also prepared several more challenging projects for those with more experience. No matter what your experience, this course will involve challenges, learning and most of all: fun. See you in Week 6!

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 Year 8

Ready to give the Etch-a-Sketch some 21st century upgrades? Lights, camera, action!

Ever wondered how powerful a miniature computer could be? In this brand-new Year 8 course, we'll be exploring the Raspberry Pi Pico. Using Python, students will be able to program all manner of lights, buzzers, and even a screen! All this is powered by a computer smaller than an eraser.

This course is designed to build foundations in programming, working with different sensors and devices to create projects ranging from an electronic tape measure using ultrasonic sensors, all the way up to a mini Etch-a-Sketch!

You'll be learning to program in Python, a great beginner language where we can start from the fundamentals and work our way up to advanced techniques, with extension activities available for those who have more programming experience.

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 Year 9

The Internet of Things is about to get even bigger.

Ever wondered how 'smart' things work? Did you know most 'smart' things in the world run off the exact same programmable controller?

That's right, from washing machines to toasters, most so-called internet of things devices use something called an ESP8266 to talk to the world. In this course, we'll be using Arduino C to make our very own network connected smart things with this very same controller!

You'll be combining skills in both software and hardware to create a series of projects, including one of your own creation. By the end of the year, you'll have your very own smart reactive multi-sensor – equipped with lights, sound and more – to take home and use!

The tutors have designed projects for students of all skill levels in mind. So, whether you're just starting out or are an experienced hardware or software tinkerer, we've got you covered.

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Years 10, 11 & 12


Experiments in Digital Innovation: Exploring a world of possibilities.

The world of digital technology is incredibly vast. Even when looking at broader trends it can be overwhelming to know just what's out there.

In Code Cadets Extension, you'll have the opportunity to experiment with all manner of hardware and software. From making your own circuit boards to programming a remote-controlled model car, you'll get to discover areas of technology you may not have thought even existed.

The overall theme of Extension is 'Experiments in Digital Innovation'. So, we'll be calling on subject matter experts to show you exactly what real-world companies are doing at the forefront of technology, with some company visits and events to back it all up!

Whether or not you've done any software or hardware projects before, this course is for you! No matter what your experience, this course will involve all manner of challenges as you work on fun team and individual projects.

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We'll be out and about.

From incursions to excursions, it's set to be a packed year.

Industry Spotlight

Throughout the year, Code Cadets Students will have the opportunity to hear from, and chat with, subject matter experts. Code Cadets will host lunch and afternoon events with specialists in AI, cyber security, and much more.

Challenge Week

Code Cadets is re-launching Challenge Week! An opportunity for all CGS Students to extend themselves in a series of challenges. This team-based multi-day event will have something for everyone. Students in Extension will also be involved in building some of the challenges. Don't miss getting your name on the leader board!

Community Events

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in community events! The Code Cadets will be returning to events hosted by the digital technology community in 2023. These include the open government data competition GovHack, the security research conference BSides, and many more.

Company Tours

With the end of Senior School fast approaching, Code Cadets Extension has a focus on helping students better understand the industry they are about to dive in to. More information will be announced in Extension throughout the year.

Video production more your style?

 Code Cadets Productions

Are you ready to dive into the world of live streaming and video production?

Do you want to learn how to use professional-level cameras, work with industry clients, and gain real-world experience that will prepare you for your future? Look no further! Our after-school workshop is designed specifically for students like you, in Year 7 to Year 12.

In this hands-on programme, you'll learn how to live stream, create high-quality videos and use professional equipment. Our experienced tutors will teach and guide you through the latest technology and techniques and fill each lesson with exciting and involved workshops that help you better understand how a live event or a cinematography project works.

You'll also have the chance to work with clients and gain valuable experience that will teach you how to make work that stands out in the competitive world of video production. You'll have the opportunity to showcase your skills, collaborate with your peers, and create content that makes a difference.

This is your chance to join the cutting-edge world of live streaming and video production, and to gain the skills and experience you need to succeed in the future.

Code Cadets Productions runs in parallel with the rest of Code Cadets, so you can join both!

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So much more to come.

We've been working hard to build the all-new Code Cadets, and we're only just getting started!

Our theme for 2023 is today's students, tomorrow's technologies. We hope to show all students that anyone can make it happen. See you in session!

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